Although we are not yet charging for parking at City parks, we will have the parking machines installed and operating soon. 

Residents and property owners in the City of St. Joseph can obtain free parking passes using the attached form; please follow the instructions and your vehicle license plates will be entered into the system.  Visitors who are not residents or property owners of the City of St. Joseph will be able to pay for hourly, daily, or seasonal parking by using the parking kiosks, or by using the “Passport Parking” app from a mobile device, which is a convenient non-contact method of payment. 

Parking kiosks will be in place at Tiscornia Park; the Whirlpool Compass Fountain parking lot; Lions Park; and Kiwanis Park. 

Please be aware that city parking passes are effective only for these city parks; other nearby parks and beaches that charge for entry are owned and operated by other governmental units and have separate parking fees and passes.  For example, Silver Beach is a Berrien County facility; Jean Klock Park is the City of Benton Harbor; Weko Beach is the City of Bridgman; and Warren Dunes is a state park. 

Municipal parks in our area are generally following the lead of the state regarding park operations; for example you are likely to find restrooms closed, although some locations may have portapotties. 

No matter which park you visit, please be mindful of the current state of executive orders as they may exist at the time of your visit, including socially distancing from persons who are not members of your household and limiting the size of your group.  If you arrive at a park and find it is too crowded to permit your party to social distance, please take it as an opportunity to discover another one of our area’s many parks.  Please be safe, to take care of yourself and others.

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