Saint Joseph, MI

St. Joseph is carefully nestled on the southern tip of what has been termed "The Riviera of the Midwest." This deepwater port town is a growing resort community - part of a "small town" chain stretching from the state line in a spectacular arc along Lake Michigan. The lakeshore is peppered with remarkable sand dune formations and lined further inland with a lush countryside that produces some of the nation's finest orchards and vineyards. It is the largest non-citrus fruit growing region in the nation.

Located just 90 miles from downtown Chicago, St. Joseph is a quaint community situated within the larger Benton Harbor/St. Joseph MSA. The City of St. Joseph has continually operated at full economic capacity.

St. Joseph is the county seat for Berrien County, a distinction maintained since 1894. St. Joseph has prospered over the years by encouraging a balanced mix of industrial, commercial, and residential development.

St. Joseph has become well known for its beautiful location along Lake Michigan, its quality public school system, its health care system, its beaches, parks, and other natural amenities, and its affluent community. The presence of many large corporations causes the city's population to triple during the average workday. St. Joseph has become the ideal location for many second-home buyers, with a strong attraction from the Chicago area.

Tourists come to St. Joseph every year by the tens of thousands to enjoy the beaches, Lake Michigan, the St. Joseph River, downtown shopping, festivals and more. Silver Beach County Park in downtown St. Joseph attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, and the number of visitors continues to grow. Annual festivals in St. Joseph continue to draw increasing numbers of tourists to the community.

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