At the weekly progress meeting this morning (Friday, 5/19/17) Kalin Construction reported that start up of the bypass pumping operation did not go as quickly as planned.

The work that Kalin intended to complete this past week required bypass pumping to be underway, therefore progress did not go as planned.

Kalin also informed the City that they intend to work Saturdays until the project is complete, with the exception of Memorial Day and July 4th holiday weekends, to make up for the lost time.

The schedule for the coming week will sound similar to the update last week. On Monday, excavation is expected to commence at the base (east of) the Market Street hill, with installation of helical piles and pile caps starting on Tuesday. Kalin also expects to start laying water main next week, however they now plan to start at the top of the Market Street hill and head to the east. The intersection of Market Street and Olive Street will be closed as early as Monday, May 22nd to allow this work to begin. Kalin also plans to tie into the existing water main at Market Street and Olive Street on Wednesday, May 24th. The water tie-in will require water to be shut off, the area expected to be impacted is highlighted in purple on the map below. This type of water tie-in typically takes 3 to 4 hours to complete; door hanger notices with the specific time of the shut off will be delivered to those expected to be impacted on Monday of next week.

We thank you for your patience and please feel free to contact Abonmarche Project Engineer, Jason Marquardt (269-927-2295 ext. 171) with questions or concerns.


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