Park Pass

City residents may receive two annual parking permits at no charge each year by simply visiting the City Clerk's Office at City Hall. Non-residents may purchase an annual permit at the Parking Meter located onsite at the selected Park for a small fee. Park Permits for non-residents are no longer available for purchase at the City Clerk's Office; they are only available for purchase on location at the Park site.  These annual permits exempt you from daily parking fees ($7 weekdays/$10 weekends) at Lions Park, Tiscornia Park and the Elm Street lot (located south of the Whirlpool Compass Fountain). For City residents only, to obtain an annual permit, simply visit the City Clerk's Office with your driver's license for residency verification. All parking permit stickers must be permanently affixed to the outside of your vehicle on the passenger side of the rear window. 



City Boat Launch Pass

Parking permits for the City Boat Launch are also available for sale at the City Clerk's Office each year beginning April 1 for a small fee. These annual permits exempt you from daily parking fees at the City Boat Launch. To obtain an annual permit, simply visit the City Clerk's Office. Parking passes must be permanently affixed to the lower corner of your vehicle's driver side window.


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